Terms & Conditions



Things to know BEFORE you preorder.

I understand I will need to pass a N.I.C.S. FBI background check in order to pick up my gun. I understand that if I fail my background check, I am not going to be getting a gun. I agree not to purchase a gun for anyone who otherwise cannot own one because I don’t want to go to prison.

To learn more about N.I.C.S: https://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/nics

I understand that I must pick up my pistol from a federally licensed facility, (Gun Store or a Federal Firearm Licensed person without exception). NO GUNS WILL BE SENT TO YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS UNLESS YOU HAVE A VALID FEDERAL FIREARMS LICENSE.

I understand that this pistol is not yet legal in California, Massachusetts, New York, Washington DC or Maryland and will not be shipped to those states.


I understand that production will not begin until October. I understand that being a complainer and or a whiner is just not good for my Karma & I promise to be patient and not whine or complain about where my gun is.Ideal Conceal will ship my gun as soon as it can; providing I have arranged for proper Federal Firearm Licensed person or Gun Shop to receive it. NOTHING GETS SHIPPED WITHOUT ALL THE INFO, PERIOD.

I understand that once I complete the pre-order, an email will be sent to me with payment instructions. Payment can be made by check or bank / postal money order. (SORRY no credit cards NO cash) PLEASE be sure your current contact info is attached to your payment.

I understand that refunds will only be given at the end first quarter of 2017 and then only for NON-delivery issues.I understand that if I am short on cash, I should wait to buy this item until I pay the rent. Refunds cannot be processed for change of heart, or the need to get your money back. Please be a serious buyer.