Get Your Ideal Conceal Cellphone Pistols & Accessories with ARC 90 Financing today!

Financing with us is simple!

  • 90 days- SAME AS CASH, or Rates at 9% (3-6mo), 12% (9mo), 15% (12mo)
  • Choose a plan with up to 12 months to pay!
  • No surprises, get your payment schedule up front.
  • Payments are collected via ACH debit.
  • Credit report is not pulled.
  • Order Today and Pay Later!
  • Pay off in full before 90 days for 0% interest!
  • Pay off early after 90 days with no prepayment penalty.

What is ARC 90 Financing:

ARC 90 is a payment plan that lets you place your order today and take up to twelve months to pay. ARC 90 is often less expensive than a credit card or personal loan. The term can range from three to twelve months. This is not rent to own or a lease. It is a purchasing option designed to fit your budget. Your credit rating is not part of the decision process. Your recent financial history is. Your income level does matter but even a full-time minimum wage earner can qualify.

To get started, register. Registration is how we determine the plan limit. We examine income, spending habits, and prior banking history to calculate a manageable amount. Part of the process requires having your bank provide us a current bank statement via our account verification process. If you have direct deposit no other action is needed. If you do not, you may have to upload a copy of your most recent pay stub.

To use this financing your driver license acts as your account ID. Once approved, we will contact you to place your order, generating your invoice and the payment plan. Payments are collected via ACH debit. There are no surprises. You receive the schedule upfront and e-mail notices prior to each payment. You can track your billing and balance any time. If paid off early, you will save even more!

The requirements are earnings equal to full time minimum wage or better. There can be no recent NSF activity on your bank statement. You need a standard checking account. Savings accounts or debit card only accounts are not accepted. An unexpired state issued ID or driver license is also required.

The cost? Global Check charges $35.00 when you make a purchase at a retail store, not before. The store may charge a plan fee of about 15% * which is disclosed at the time of sale. Why would you use a credit card with 30% interest or a lease with an effective rate of 80% or more?

Ordering Process with Gun Runner Distributing using financing from ARC90:

Please note: Gun Runner Distributing is the official distributor of Ideal Conceal products. All orders place on the Ideal Conceal website are filled by Gun Runner Distributing.  Gun Runner Distributing is operated by the same team who also operate Ideal Conceal though they are different entities. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Step 1: Apply for financing through ARC90.  Complete your application though our link: Click to Apply.

Step 2: Email a copy or photo of your valid driver’s license to us at

Step 3: Once your application has been reviewed you will receive information about the decision. When approved, we will contact you to place your order and create an invoice. The invoice will include the cost of all items purchased plus shipping, tax and an admin fee of $10.00 for processing.

Step 4: After your invoice is complete, we will send your financing agreement with your payment plan.

Step 5: When you have signed your agreement and paid the required down payment it will take 3-5 days to process. As soon as your order if finalized you will receive confirmation with a request for your FFL dealer’s information for shipping.

We only ship orders to Licensed FFL Dealers in the US, except in the states of CA, IL, MA & MD.

PREORDERS & BACKORDERS: We will offer preorders on products that are in high demand to allow people to get a “place in line” to receive their items in the order that their order was received. We also have some items on backorder due to material/parts availability being low due to industry wide issues related to the pandemic. We will ship all orders as quickly as possible, but you may not receive your order until well after your financing payments have begun.  We will do our best to estimate your delivery date at the time your order is placed so you know ahead, but we cannot guarantee shipping dates at this time.  We are increasing production and always improving our processes to reduce waiting time. We will always ship orders as soon as they are ready.  We appreciate your patience as we are working to get your order to you!

All sales are final and non-returnable once shipped. Any warranty claims will be handled by the manufacturer per the warranty.

You can track your billing and balance any time. If paid off early, you will save even more so take advantage of 90 days same as cash = No Interest!

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