Terms & Conditions


Things to know BEFORE you preorder.

All pistol orders are shipped to FFL (Federal Firearms License) Dealers only. You must provide your FFL Dealers information to Ideal Conceal prior to your pistol order being shipped. You may place your order now without your dealer information and provide the FFL Dealer information after your order is placed. Delays in providing this information will delay your order being shipped.

Accessories and other non-firearm products may be shipped directly to you if your order does not include a pistol. All orders for non-firearm products will be shipped to the shipping address indicated on your order.

I understand I will need to pass a N.I.C.S. FBI background check and complete all items required for my pistol transfer by my FFL dealer to pick up my pistol from my FFL Dealer. I understand that if I fail my background check, I am not going to be getting a pistol. I agree not to purchase a pistol for anyone who otherwise cannot own one because I do not want to go to prison.

To learn more about N.I.C.S: https://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/nics

I understand that I must pick up my pistol from a federally licensed facility, (Gun Store or a Federal Firearm Licensed person without exception). PISTOL ORDERS WILL NOT BE SENT TO YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS UNLESS YOU HAVE A VALID FEDERAL FIREARMS LICENSE.

I understand that this pistol is not legal in California, Massachusetts, Maryland or Illinois and will not be shipped to those states.


I understand that I am ordering items that may be in preorder, or backorder status. I understand that being a complainer and or a whiner is just not good for my Karma & I promise to be patient and not whine or complain about where my pistol is. Ideal Conceal will ship my pistol as soon as it can; providing I have arranged for proper Federal Firearm Licensed person or Gun Shop to receive it. I will respond timely to any request for information from Ideal Conceal since NOTHING GETS SHIPPED WITHOUT ALL THE INFORMATION REQUIRED.